MH370: French military satellite images ‘pinpoint’ location of missing plane, says new Australian reports

Aviation editor Geoffrey Thomas breaks down the report that has likely pinpointed the location of MH370.

Startling new evidence has virtually pin pointed the location of MH370 – 1258 days since it disappeared.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has just released an explosive new report that combines a refinement of drift modelling from debris washed up in the Western Indian Ocean and previously discarded satellite images of apparent debris in the ocean.

Overview of location of four satellite images of possible MH370 debris.Picture: French Military Intelligence Service CNES

That drift modelling initially released late last year identified a new area of 25,000sq km just outside the original search area.

The images taken by a French military satellite which showed apparent debris were discarded by governments and authorities in late March 2014 – before the ATSB became involved in the search.

Two of the 12 objects identified as man-made
Two of the 12 objects identified as man-madePicture: French Military Intelligence Service CNES

However, with the CSIRO’s ground-breaking reverse drift modelling done by David Griffin and Peter Oke now refined down to an area of 5,000sq km, pinpointing the most likely location of MH370, all satellite imagery of the relevant new area has come up for review.

GeoScience Australia has been examining four French satellite images taken on March 23 ,2014 – two weeks after the loss of MH370 – in the area where any debris would have drifted according to the CSIRO report and have found 12 objects that are deemed “probably” man-made and 28 that are “possibly” man-made.

This finds confirms the CSIRO’s new probable location of MH370.

Aviation editor Geoffrey Thomas answers the burning questions around the startling new MH370 report

The dimensions of these objects are comparable with some of the debris items that have washed up on African beaches and their location near the 7th arc makes them impossible to ignore, says the reports.

File photo of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.
File photo of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777.

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