MCX gains after clarification on trading activities

Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) was trading at Rs 1,075 up by 0.84%. The company gave clarification on the halting of trade on Monday.

Subsequent to the trading halt at the exchanges platform on Monday at 6:36 pm, members were allowed to cancel their pending orders during the special session between 7:25 to 7:35 pm. The exchange did not cancel any orders or trades from its end, the exchange informed.

Post the resumption of normal trading at 7:36 pm, the exchange concluded its session at 11:30 pm on Monday as per schedule without any interruptions. The number of connections to the exchange, compared between the periods prior to the trading halt and post resumption of trading, did not witness any drop.

The end of day activities across trading, surveillance, clearing and settlement were carried out/ completed as per normal schedule. Data integrity and other checks have been performed to satisfy and assure that there has been no impact on any of the surveillance, risk margining and any other pre or post trade activities, the commodity exchange informed the bourses on Tuesday.

The exchange had gone LIVE with its new version of trading software on September 4, 2017, after conducting mock session over the previous 6 weeks and the final mock session being successfully concluded with sufficiently large participation on September 02, 2017.

The exchange informed that based on the preliminary analysis of the problem that led to the temporary disruption in trading on Monday, the technology teams have isolated a cause for the specific issue and necessary measures have been taken to prevent recurrence of the issue.The exchange is in the process of completing an exhaustive analysis of all possible root causes, it said.


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