MCH Group reveals Grand Basel concept

MCH Group has launched Grand Basel as the ‘first global salon for the world’s most important automobiles’.

MCH Group, the live marketing company headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is launching a new global exhibition format: Grand Basel.

For the first time, cars will be set and presented in the cultural context of design, architecture and art.

Following its premiere in Basel in September 2018, further events have been planned for Miami and Hong Kong.

Grand Basel addresses international connoisseurs, experts and collectors, as well as a general audience interested in automobile aesthetics, technological sophistication, arts and culture.

At today’s avant premiere and media presentation of the Grand Basel concept at Messe Basel, international representatives were shown new automotive designs in the space.

Exhibitors can book presentation modules for up to seven showcases. The Grand Basel exhibition format draws on the trade fair architecture introduced by architects Herzog and de Meuron, with a ‘Grand Parcours’ as the centrepiece for driving presentations and auctions surrounding the iconic atrium of Hall 1.

Grand Basel offers a one-stop solution for handling other aspects of event preparation, including transport and customs procedures. Prices for exhibitors will be ‘comparable to those of international car events’.

“Grand Basel will offer an entirely new perspective on the automobile,” said René Kamm, chief executive officer of MCH Group. “The distinctly contemporary exhibition concept presents and discusses present and future automobiles within a sophisticated cultural context. With the architecture, support program and new types of digital applications, we want to convey the aesthetics and significance of the showcases on a fascinating quality level. The experiences of MCH Group as the organiser and host of Art Basel and Baselworld with their valuable exhibits and discerning, well-informed visitors have had a significant influence on the Grand Basel concept.”

Mark Backé, managing director of Grand Basel added: “We are proud to have secured the support of some key representatives of the automobile world for Grand Basel. Over the next few months, Paolo Tumminelli will put together the advisory board, which will be working completely independently and ensure the event’s supreme quality. In early 2018, we will present the concept at further locations worldwide and announce additional details.”



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