Martek deploys Centrik aviation management for BVLOS UAVs : GPS World

Martek Marine has deployed the Centrik system to manage its UAS operation, the same system used by major airlines.

Centrik is a cloud-based aviation management software solution specifically tailored for RPAS/UAS operation. It encompasses all aspects of operations: safety, quality, compliance and risk management, while providing comprehensive reporting functions.

Centrik gives visibility of every single electronic flight bag (IPAD), and enables sharing of audit information direct with the Civil Aviation Authority or any interested third parties.

It maintains a complete training record for every single member of staff, allowing us to see instantly who has which qualification and who needs to renew their training.

It also compiles all assessment results, delivers alerts management when training certificates are about to expire and provides handy checklists of core competencies.

Martek UAS.

Pushing UAS capabilities to enable a multitude of compelling use cases can only happen with the approval of the relevant Aviation Authorities who are requiring us to demonstrate the highest level of operational standards and business oversight.

“Thinking that you can manage a major UAS operation with old fashioned spreadsheets, folders and emails is fundamentally flawed — akin to putting cartwheels on a Tesla,” said Paul Forster, head of UAS Operations.

“Investing in Centrik is another statement of our intent to be the world-leader in UAS operations, to compliment our well documented $multi-million investments so far in the world’s best maritime UAS/RPAS.”


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