Marcia’s Catering Brings Fine Taste to LABACE

Marcia’s Catering is reprising its role as official supplier of on-site catering here at LABACE 2017, making the proffered cuisine another reason to stop by the stands of top exhibitors. Marcia’s, established in 1992, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, but founder and owner Marcia Costa is currently focused on the show. She’s highlighting here among other regional dishes a new take on traditional bregadieros, Brazilian chocolate truffles made with powdered chocolate and condensed milk. Her new versions incorporate coconut, berries, and even caipirinha, the national cocktail. As it’s winter in Brazil, Costa noted, hearty manioc, cassava, and caldo verde soup are also on the menu.

The aviation food service specialist provides catering at 10 airports in Brazil from four kitchens, delivered by a fleet of seven vehicles. A planned kitchen in Rio de Janeiro is “awaiting the traffic over there to rebound,” Costa said. Though spotlighting regional cuisine here at the show, the company also provides the comfort food from their native countries passengers often want on their flights home. As São Paulo is home to the world’s largest international communities of Italians, Japanese, Germans and Lebanese, Marcia’s is able to accommodate their tastes. Gluten-free, organic and other specialty menus are also available.

Nonetheless, international customers often request “churrasco,” or Brazilian barbecue. It “is very difficult to replicate—even in today’s galleys—the range of aromas and tastes from the wood grill,” Costa said, adding, “We must be doing it right, since many returning customers keep ordering it.”

As for the 25th anniversary coming in October, “It seems the years flashed by in warp speed,” Costa said, leaving “a sense of contentment, pride and fulfillment” in their wake. “We’ve made a huge number of loyal friends over the years. I am so proud to say we got 25-year-long customers,” she said. “That says it all.”


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