Making health care dreadful again: Repeal failed, so Trump aims to destroy

But it doesn’t work like that any more, apparently. Now, in the erratic and vulgar age of President Trump, the mission has never been to improve the ACA, which among many positive line items provided 20 million Americans withe affordable health insurance. The solution has been to simply kill it. The most brainless and simplistic solution for a brainless and simplistic regime. It reminds me of one of those viral videos in which a petulant kid starts relentlessly destroying his keyboard because of a computer glitch. Good job, kid.

Likewise, the Republicans got caught up in their own bogus hype from 2010, becoming unable to pull out of a nosedive commitment that they would repeal and replace the ACA. Because it tests well with the conservative base to promise a smackdown to our first African-American ex-president, they couldn’t change course when it became clear most Americans beyond the loony fringe didn’t want anything to do with the  slapdash Republican replacement bills. Hence, three failed attempts (at least) to repeal.

In the face of those failures, the Trump administration has engaged in a secret plan to sabotage the ACA. The goal? Make it really difficult for people to enroll and receive benefits from the law, while also jacking up premiums by resurrecting failed solutions. What exactly are they doing?

On Wednesday, we learned that Tom Price’s Department of Health and Human Services, which is tasked with implementing the ACA, sent word to all 10 of its regional directors to bail out of promoting this year’s open enrollment period. The goal, quite obviously, is to keep people from enrolling in order to facilitate a decline in participation, creating another excuse for another possible repeal, and perhaps triggering premium hikes to compensate for the lack of customers paying into the system.


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