LETTERS: Our senators got it right on health care | Opinion

To the editor:

Cynthia Alexander, in her Letter to the Editor, July 29, doesn’t realize our senators know more about our Constitutional Republic form of government than she does.   

The 10th Amendment, the separation of powers, clearly states that regulation powers not granted within the Constitution, fall to the states or the people. Since healthcare is not in the U.S. Constitution, we look to the state constitution, ratified by the people of Oklahoma, where we do find healthcare. In the Oklahoma Constitution, “SECTION II-37, Health Care System.” It is accurately called a “right” of the people to choose, and not something for socialist government control.   Please read the laws, before all of our rights are taken by ever-expanding government.

The Affordable Care Act is another massive Socialist power grab to usurp powers from the people to do things they were not intended to do. Like Oklahoma’s “public trusts,” it’s unconstitutional. It is of the same nature as “The Antiquities Act of 1906,” where the federal government took vast power it did not have, to seize property that belongs to the various states, and use it for federal government financial benefit.  

Those who glamorize socialism and believe government is the answer should be careful of what they wish for. If you look into the roots of communism, you will find its parents were socialists. Reference Karl Marx, The Communist Manifesto.


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