LETTERS: Health care is not an entitlement; history lesson needed

Contrary to popular misconception, health care is not a right! Nor do you have a “right” to food, shelter and cell phones. You have to pay for them! (or someone does) In a past article, Walter Williams made it very easy to understand. He explained your rights are spelled out in the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. (Speech, religion, gun ownership etc.) Those actual rights don’t cost anyone or any entity a dime.

Health care takes a lot of resources. (money, education, technology). Even Governor John Hickenlooper espouses, “health care is a right, not a privilege.” And, he goes on to state we’re spending more and more of our resources (your tax dollars) on healthcare. He’s smart enough to know what “rights” truly are, but he’s a pandering politician trying to gain support by convincing voters they deserve “free” stuff. Since when do I have a right to someone else’s hard earned money to pay for my stuff? A more correct term would be “entitlement” not “right”. And you’re really not “entitled” to anyone else’s resources either. When the Left takes from Peter to “entitle” Paul, the Left will always have the support of Paul.

Edward Hoden

Colorado Springs

Words from the past have meaning

In 1901, the leading senior man at Colorado College was asked to address the students at Colorado College in 2001, and his letter was sealed in a Century Chest, which was opened in 2001 at Tutt Library. Here is a quote from the letter:

“I wish to close this greeting by telling you students of the 21st century what in many minds is the most predominant factor in our college life. And we all hope that 100 years from now it will be a most important factor in your college life. It is the democratic spirit of the student body. Here we have no system of caste, if I may be permitted to use such a strong word. Everyman is as good as his neighbors, be he poor, rich, black, or white. Everyman stands for what he is worth. Everyman has an equal show to make the most of himself. The poor boy who works his way is just as much respected as his rich classmate. May this spirit of true democracy and true worth ever be guarded with jealous diligence is our fond wish and hope.

Ben Griffith, Class of 1901″

As good as his word, he took up the cause of law and spent his life in pursuit of his ideals, and for his abilities and integrity was elected Attorney General of Colorado in 1915 at 35 years old. He was from Coal Creek, near Florence, the son of a coal miner.

Something to think about, that a man of moderate views, integrity first, fair in his point of view, would be so well received by our state and by his own college in his own time and today as well.

David Griffith

Colorado Springs

Bowing to social media pressure

Democracy and our constitutional rights are being taken from us in little pieces each and every day. Why do I say this? Our constitution provides U.S. citizens the right to free speech and to gather. We may not agree with everyone’s opinion but that does not allow any group to physically attack another. Our current president is right what happened in VA was both sides’ fault.

In a democracy the majority makes the rules, yet this in this city a minority prevented a group’s right to meet and discuss their views. Less than 1 percent of you in Colorado Springs signed a petition to stop a labeled hate group from meeting.

I don’t agree with this group but they have a right to meet like any other group. Does this mean if I get a few thousand signatures I can stop anyone’s group from meeting here, or close a church or whatever I want? No that is not democracy and not what our constitution stands for. This city, and most of the country are weak minded and bow to social media. People, get the facts from all sides before you make a decision, one news person’s spin on things does not make it true. To quote Davey Crockett “You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas”. It may not be better there but I can only hope that democracy there means something because it does not here in this city.

Ken Manecke


That is not who we are

Thanks to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions the hate crimes are rising again in this country. With their policies to discriminate against anyone that is different, they have given the haters the idea that it is now OK to harass, attack and even murder anyone that might seem different. That is not who we are as a country.

It is shameful and alarming that this kind of hate is raising its ugly head again. But there is hope. The response of the communities where these actions have occurred should be a sign to the administration and these haters that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior and we will stand tall against this disgrace.

Pat Kent


History lesson on Founders needed

For anyone that believes our country does not need religion, you need a history lesson on what our Founding Fathers believed and lived by.

Suggestion: Get a copy of “The American Patriot’s Bible: The Word of God and the Shaping of America.” It could open your eyes!

Joan Neugebauer

Colorado Springs

Reveal state’s checkered past

Now would be a good time to write an in depth informational piece in your paper regarding this state’s history with the KKK and the neo-nazis. I am referring to the VDARE group’s spokesperson who said they decided to hold a meeting here because of the many supporters here and in the west generally.

Who remembers that at one time the whole state and it’s government was almost taken over by the KKK.

Della Valk

Colorado Springs


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