Letter: Work on bipartisan support for health care

As President Donald Trump, he of the ever-inquisitive mind so eloquently said in the not-too-far-distant past, “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.” Nobody? Certainly no one who has given more than two minutes of concentrated thought on the issue would have thought so. Certainly not the grand negotiator-in-chief who often claims that he alone can get things done. Perhaps our president also overlooked the fact that we live in a democracy as opposed to an autocracy.

Health care is undoubtedly a thorny issue. I don’t presume that I have a solution to the problem, but allow me to present a rather novel approach to coming to a resolution. Instead of having a group of senators from only one party locking themselves in a room to hash out a secret solution, why not appoint a committee from both sides of the aisle to get together in the spirit of the two-party system and arrive at a consensus. There is no doubt that there are both good and not-so-good proposals on both sides. Let’s see who can work together in a democratic way and come up with a plan that will best suit us, the citizens of America who they are elected to serve. We don’t need them simply trying to extend their political careers by pandering to the lobbyists who contribute the most to ensure their elections.

Robert Fredette



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