Letter: Won’t stand for silent weakening of health care standards

To the Editor:

The Affordable Care Act is the law. But the president and GOP still are working to damage it. Unless we’re vigilant, our government will take away our health care right under our noses.

They’re not fully enforcing the individual mandate, which eliminates funding that helps pay for the law and decreases costs.

Congress is trying to require Medicaid recipients to work for benefits. The cost of implementing and monitoring this far outweighs its benefit. Few people on Medicaid are capable of working. Many who are will drop out and show up in emergency rooms for care instead. We’ll pay for their care when it’s more expensive.

The administration stopped advertising and shortened the open enrollment period, raising insurance costs for everyone. The ads were targeted at the younger, healthier enrollees who decrease costs for everyone.

The GOP finally has found an unacceptable tax cut.

They are working to decrease tax credits that help individuals and small businesses pay their premiums. The tax credits help stabilize insurance costs. Until the changes listed above were implemented, that plan was working, but imperfectly.

The GOP could destabilize the ACA further, but hasn’t yet. It could redefine what basic health benefits are making insurance coverage less expensive but also less effective.

The ACA is not perfect and needs fixing. We need to allow it to work as intended without the destabilizing forces of constant weakening or the threat of another vote. Then we can identify what actually needs fixing. Let our representatives know we won’t stand for a silent weakening of our health care protections.

Wendy LaFauce



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