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Letter: Put money toward efficient health care | Letters

Letter: Put money toward efficient health care | Letters | qctimes.com

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Health care reform seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Efficiency and cost control is the key. To lower costs, an insurance concept needs to be implemented; larger risk pool, lowers the risk.

The sick and the healthy need to be included in actuarial calculations of how much it will take to cover everyone efficiently. Doctors must be paid according to their quality of care and results, not how many procedures they do. Everyone needs to be covered because people who cannot afford insurance or co-pays end up not managing their chronic conditions, and end up in the emergency room (ER) when conditions deteriorate.

Forty percent of ER visits go unpaid and these costs end up being passed through to the insured or other programs. Going to a family doctor is less expensive than going to a primary physician.

America needs one health care delivery system designed by the best minds in health care, actuaries, administrators, doctors and nurses that know what input is necessary. No one should die because of lack of care, or have to choose medicine or food. Treatment for cancer or other devastating diseases shouldn’t continue to be the largest reason for bankruptcy.

We need legislation for a non-partisan approach to health care. No more insurance companies, let’s have America be self-insured. Put money inefficiently used towards premiums and deductibles into one pot to lower costs. Discontinue the multiple insurers and entities covering health care. Lower the cost for everyone, make an efficient system for all.

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