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Earlier this year, I wrote a letter to The Post and Courier criticizing Rep. Mark Sanford’s dishonest, misleading explanation for his vote in favor of the American Health Care Act in the House of Representatives. That bill, Sanford acknowledged, did not fix legitimate problems in our health care system or help the state of South Carolina, but he voted for it anyway.

That decision pales in comparison to what we saw from Sen. Lindsey Graham recently. Referring to a Senate bill projected to uninsured 16 million people and raise premiums by 20 percent for those who could still afford insurance – and which had not even been officially made public at that point, less than 12 hours before a final vote — Graham called the bill a fraud, a disaster, terrible policy, and horrible politics. He said he hoped it would never become law. Then he voted for it anyway.

Graham had his procedural, inside-Congress reasons for doing so, but let’s not look past the fact that our senator failed to do the most basic job of an elected official, which is to vote for good laws and against bad ones.

South Carolina’s members of Congress have embarrassed themselves and our state with their behavior in the Legislature this year, and they ought to consider writing bills they are willing to vote for and defend on the merits.

Gabe Starosta

Scientific Research Corporation

Conservancy Lane



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