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Letter, 8/1: Facts vital for health care reform | Letters

Letter, 8/1: Facts vital for health care reform | Letters | journalstar.com

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I am confused by Sen. Ben Sasse’s comments on the health care debate.

He stated the Senate’s failure to vote to repeal as “a major disappointment to people who were promised full repeal” (“Sasse criticizes repeal’s failure,” July 27). I am not sure who that is, but it certainly appears to be a minority of U.S. citizens.

An April Gallup poll found 55 percent of the Americans surveyed approved of Obamacare. A June Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found Obamacare to be more popular at 41 percent than the House repeal-and-replace alternative at 16 percent. Only 12 percent liked the Senate version in a USA Today/Suffolk University poll.

So whom are we appealing to? It sounds like the minority of voters who voted for Trump, not the entire U.S. population. And as Trump did not win the popular vote, it appears to be the minority to whom we want to appeal. Additionally, his popularity keeps dropping and is about 38 percent. So it seems the senator is appealing to a minority of U.S. citizens.

That confuses me. There are issues with the ACA, and Democrats should not have passed it with no Republican support. However, it needs to be fixed, not repealed.

That would force Republicans and Democrats to work together, which is a novel idea. I am suggesting the Senate and Congress be honest when throwing ideas around that are not supported by facts.

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