Legionella cases reported at Wesley Health Care Center – WRGB

SARATOGA SPRINGS — Four individuals who recently spent time at Wesley Health Care Center have tested positive for Legionella bacteria.

The four include three former short-term rehabilitation residents, and one nursing home staff member. Two of the former residents and the employee are at home recuperating, and are expected to make a full recovery. The third resident, described as an elderly male with multiple chronic conditions, was discharged to home and became ill roughly a week after discharge,

The Wesley Community was notified of three of the cases on Oct. 13, and of the fourth on Oct. 20.

The New York State Department of Health was made aware of the cases immediately. The Wesley Community, the health department, and the Saratoga County Public Health Department are working together on all proper policies, procedures and precautions, Department of Health regulations require regular testing of all health facilities for legionella. The most recent routine test at the Wesley Community was conducted on Sept. 2, and was negative.

The Center for Disease Control states that the bacterium is not spread from person to person. People are exposed when they breathe in mist containing the bacteria, and most people do not get sick after exposure.

As an additional precaution, nearly three dozen water samples have been taken and are being tested, and Wesley Health Care is implementing a temporary water restriction plan in all three nursing home buildings.


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