Lancaster-based company’s health care kiosk concept draws interest from professional sports teams | Local News

Lancaster-based Aspire Ventures’ health care kiosk concept is attracting interest from professional sports teams after demonstrations at the NBA Combine and NBA Summer League, according to an industry publication. reported that “While Aspire has spoken with franchises in the NHL and MLB as well as several Olympic committees, the most enthusiastic has emanated from the NBA, where about half of the teams have expressed interest.”

The publication quoted Mike Monteiro, Aspire’s chief data science and innovation officer, as saying, “They’re thinking of it as a daily status check. Part of the routine is, you show up, you do a two-to-three minute assessment in the kiosk and get a baseline for where you are that day, like if you progressed or regressed from where you were yesterday. That sets a tone for what they’re going to focus on that day in training.”

In Aspire’s words, the kiosks use “multiple powerful sensors with artificial intelligence for automated health assessments.”

Aspire showed a prototype, then dubbed Carepoint, to LNP in March to illustrate its vision for the future of health care; it has since been rebranded Connexion, and the company has partnered with Georgia-based Fusionetics on the concept.

After years of talking about transforming health care, Lancaster-based Aspire Ventures is ready to start showing people what that means.

In most of the U.S. medical system it’s difficult to find out exactly what a procedure will …

Aspire calls its overall plan for a technology-enabled health care system Clio, and is constructing a $35 million building to debut the concept on the outskirts of Lancaster city at the former Lancaster Stockyards. 

Aspire CEO Sam Abadir said in an email that construction is focused on finishing the exterior of the building until a recent redesign of the interior is approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.


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