Kazakhstan expects excess of gasoline and aviation fuel next year

Baku, Azerbaijan, Sept. 25

By Ali Mustafayev – Trend:

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan expects an increase in the production of gasoline and aviation fuel following the modernization of three plants – Atyrau, Shymkent and Pavlodar.

Modernization of plants assumes two stages: the first stage includes the reduction of imports of oil products from Russia, the second will provide full provision and access to export markets.

“The Atyrau plant has already finished the installation process on September 16, and now start-up work is underway. It is expected to increase production at the end of November-December. The plans include the increase of gasoline production by almost 2.5 times, according to the estimates. Earlier, the total amount of gasoline was about 600,000 tons, now it will increase to 1.6 million tons,” Deputy Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Aset Magauov said at a press conference, Kazinform reported.

He added that, the first stage has already been completed at the Shymkent oil refinery. Currently, there is a slight increase in gasoline and diesel fuel production, but the main increase is expected next year.

The catalytic cracking unit will be installed in the second half of 2018. This will also increase the production of gasoline by almost 2.5 times, according to the schedule.

“The estimates show, that we will have surplus for about 1.9 million – 2 million tons. It will be necessary to search export markets,” said Magauov.

The official stressed that after the current modernization, Pavlodar plant will focus on desulfurization of the product and the resumption of kerosene production.

Generally, Kazakhstan will produce nearly 900,000 – 1 million tons of aviation kerosene per year.

The current demand is 600,000 tons per year.


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