Jazz introduces pilot seniority portability concept to Canadian aviation industry

Jazz Aviation LP announced that it has signed a landmark agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association, Intl (ALPA).

Jazz Aviation LP, which operates flights on behalf of Air Canada under the brand name Air Canada Express, is helping introduce the concept of seniority portability for pilots to Canada. Brian Losito Photo

This agreement introduces the concept of seniority portability for pilots wishing to transition to Jazz from Thunder Bay, Ont.-based Bearskin Lake Air Service LP (Bearskin) and Wasaya Airways LP (Wasaya).

“Jazz continues to be a leader in recruiting programs and we are pleased to enhance our relationships with Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways,” said Steve Linthwaite, vice-president, Flight Operations, Jazz. “This agreement is an industry first and Jazz is proud to continue our focus on the pilot profession in Canada through innovative programs like this.”

Through this industry-leading agreement, pilots at Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways will begin to accrue portable seniority as of Oct. 11, 2017, allowing them to port their seniority from pilot positions at these carriers to pilot positions at Jazz.

Qualified candidates from Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways looking to transition to pilot positions at Jazz will be required to meet the same hiring, interview and regulatory standards, and must also successfully complete the same ground school and Transport Canada Pilot Proficiency Check, as all other new hire pilots at Jazz.

Through agreements with 10 colleges and universities, and four industry organizations including Bearskin and Wasaya, the Jazz APP program provides yet another pilot career pathway innovation with this latest agreement.

“We are pleased to reach an agreement with the company that will protect all ALPA pilots at Bearskin and Wasaya who wish to come to Jazz in the future,” said Jazz master executive council chairman, Capt Claude Buraglia.

Jazz, Bearskin and Wasaya recognize and appreciate the involvement, proactive approach and commitment of the Air Line Pilots Association, Intl–especially all Master Executive Council representatives–regarding discussions on ALPA seniority and provisions affecting the Jazz, Bearskin and Wasaya flight teams.


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