James Duncan: Mobilize on health care, trade

At a recent excellent town hall meeting by Rep Polis, I didn’t get a chance to speak but wanted to say this to all:

Trump is not the problem, but a symptom of a systemic problem. It’s a system that among other things: 1.) has an obscene inequality that is increasing; 2.) furthers asinine global trade deals that have caused much of our problems; and 3.) has us begging for a health care system that was a boon to corporations at great expense to the public. (Not mentioning flirting with nuclear war!)

On inequality. An independent watchdog journalism organization, Mintpress, reported U.S. oligarchs will own 70 percent of the wealth by 2021. They relay a study that warns that over the past 5,000 years every civilization has ended with collapse where primarily overconsumption and a large wealth inequality has occurred. For reference they mention that the Roman civilization was at only 16 percent.

On trade: The worst parts of NAFTA are being revived. These aspects will eliminate jobs, lower wages and enthrone corporate power. For more information see, ReplaceNAFTA.org. Take action and make your voice heard.

On health care: The obvious solution that people have been clamoring for is single payer, also called Medicare for All. HealthoverProfit.org and SinglePayerAction.org are two preeminent websites. The popular single payer system cuts costs in half and at the same time covers everyone. Both Obama and the Clintons were for single payer before it got taboo to talk about it by their corporate supporters.

Health care and trade are two key issues we the public can and should mobilize on. They will not only be the Achilles heel for this failing system by revealing the corruption of the corporate dominated culture, they would have far reaching positive effects.

James Duncan



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