Jackson Hole Airport Full for Solar Eclipse

As anticipation for next Monday’s total solar eclipse intensifies, Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Airport (JAC) has declared it cannot accommodate any more business aircraft for the event. The airport is one of the prime viewing spots for the first total eclipse visible in the U.S. in 40 years.

If you look at the centerline of the eclipse [viewing pathway], it bisects the airport,” said JAC director Jim Elwood. “It’s very much at the center of the event.” He added that the approximately 50 available general aviation parking slots were reserved several weeks ago, providing a boon to aviation businesses in the area.

New Flight Charters, which is based at JAC, is reporting a tremendous spike in charter activity to the airport, with peak traffic expected on Friday, as well as on Tuesday, the day after the eclipse. “Right now, August 18 looks to be busier than a December 26 at the airport,” said New Flight president Rick Colson. “We knew this would be busy, but the numbers we are seeing are amazing.”

Other options in the state include Ralph Wenz Field Airport in Pinedale or Casper/Natrona County International Airport, both of which are also on the centerline of eclipse totality, which will stretch from Oregon to South Carolina.


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