‘It’s most certainly a tax increase’: Manitoba premier considering health-care premiums – Winnipeg

Manitoba is looking at introducing health-care premiums which could mean hundreds of dollars more out of taxpayers pockets.

In a news conference Wednesday Premier Brian Pallister said Manitobans need to consider the possibility of paying health-care premiums or face cuts to services.

“There’s got to be an end at some point or we’ll have to shut down other departments of government to keep funding the health-care costs that we have,” Pallister said Wednesday.

“It’s most certainly a tax increase there’s no doubt of that.”

Pallister said any money made from the tax would go directly to the healthcare system. The health tax will be considered as part of its pre-budget consultations on a range of topics.

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If implemented the premium would be based on income.

BC, Alberta and Ontario collect premiums from their residents.

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In BC they cost the average person $78 per month or $936 dollars per year. In a house of two or more the premium can hit as high as $1,872 annually.

Alberta re-introduced premiums in 2015 but only on incomes over $50,000.

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