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In-person Gardner cardboard-copy disappointment on health care

Letter: In-person Gardner cardboard-copy disappointment on health care

Last Saturday in front of Old Town Library, I appealed to “Cardboard Cory” to support an improved Medicare for all-type system of health care coverage for everyone.

Unfortunately, the live Sen. Cory Gardner (at his first in-person town hall meeting in many, many months in Greeley) offered as little support for universal health care as his likeness.

The senator said he refused to consider a system of “socialized health care.” This despite the fact the audience indicated its support of a single-payer system with a show of hands and a spontaneous standing ovation.

The senator’s response indicates to me that he is either appealing to his base with a dog-whistle response or doesn’t understand the term “socialized health care.” 

In a socialized system, like the National Health Service in Great Britain or the VA in the United States, the government owns and manages the facilities and the business of providing care and employs the providers.

The single-payer proposals being considered in the U.S., however, are different: They simply ask providers in private practice, independent hospitals and others supplying health care/equipment to submit their bill for reimbursement to a single entity.

My suspicion is that the senator is well aware and using his dog whistle to let big money know he and his carbon copies represent them rather than we the people. 

Elaine Branjord, Fort Collins

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