Hundreds of girls take part in Girls in Aviation Day at NAS Pensacola

Hundreds of girls take part in Girls in Aviation Day at NAS Pensacola

It was all about the girls at the National Flight Academy. Saturday was Girls in Aviation Day where more than 200 girls from 3rd to 12th grade were flown to Pensacola by Delta to learn about flight.

Alaris Miller is 12 years old and is already thinking about her career. She, along with more than many other young women, got to see what it’s like to be a pilot.

“I’ve learned things like basic flight, how simulators work,” she said. “Aviation is also space flight, how to save people, what type of science, how to plan flight courses.”

Girls were trained by other women in the industry. They learned about forces of flight, how to navigate through a drone obstacle course, and they got to fly simulators and get a taste of life up high.

“I enjoy putting what we learn to practice with the simulators. We get to see how your stuff worked out like you planned,” she said. “If it works out, you feel good about yourself.”

They also got to meet female pilots. Delta Captain Andrea Tart said by sharing their own stories, they showed the girls dreams can come true if you work hard.

“Just seeing the looks on these girls faces, ‘Oh, we can do that?’ Not everyone is encouraged from a young age. Opportunity for these young ladies, to see, ‘Hey I can be a pilot, I can be maintenance,'” Tart said. “It was all girl, I was glad to see that, people think it’s mostly men that do stuff like that. We live in a more accepting time now.”

This is the third year of the event. Delta hopes to one day hire these girls.


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