Hundreds flock to Flixton aviation museum’s open day – Norfolk News

PUBLISHED: 14:35 24 July 2017 | UPDATED: 14:35 24 July 2017

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum annual visitors day.

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum annual visitors day.

Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

More than 500 people of all ages flocked to Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum for its annual family fun day at the weekend.

And there was plenty for the visitors to see – and experience on Sunday.

Chairman Stephen Bell said: “The museum contains a multitude of artifacts which kept visitors entertained learning about the history of aviation in the region.”

Visitors had the opportunity to see inside the Flixton museum’s largest exhibit, a Vickers Valetta transport aircraft from the 1950s. Also popular was the chance to try on old uniforms and other Second World War paraphenalia such as gas masks.

Mr Bell added: “The Second World War Link Trainer was also running for part of the day and around 20 youngsters were able to try their hand at flying this beast. All pilots of the period were required to renew their instrument flying skills in the trainer, and this was never a popular time for them. Oddly, the youngsters of today are far keener to spend time in the trainer.”

Another way of proving flying prowess was in a simulator from Caernarfon to RAF Valley on Anglesey. Results were varied from crashing on takeoff to successful landings at Valley. The most frequent result though was a crash at the destination.

Older children had a chance to try working their way through the complexities of starting a Folland Gnat Cold War Jet, not as easy as it looks with the steps needing to be followed in order and younger children could have their photograph taken in the cockpit, strapped in with a flying helmet on.

Also available were several Second World War guns, including the mighty German MG42 machine gun. All of the weapons are de-activated.

Among other groups exhibiting were the Vintage Amateur Radio Society with numerous old working radios and the River Waveney Trust, which shares accommodation with the museum, had activities and a stall.

Music was supplied by DJ Flying Fortress and dancers in period costume entertained in the Naafi (cafe),


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