How GA Telesis Developed an Integrated Aviation Support Business in Fort Lauderdale

Like many Florida aerospace companies, GA Telesis (GAT) was born in Miami but later moved to Fort Lauderdale, a common reason being the latter city’s central position between the labor pools of Miami and Palm Beach. As GAT has found, growth in one part of the business tends to feed into another, but this structure also requires a wide range of talent. Since it shifted headquarters to Fort Lauderdale in 2004, GAT’s headcount in Florida has risen from 50 to 350, encompassing a disparate variety of skills, from mechanics to logistics experts, to asset managers.

Read the full case study to discover how the move to Fort Lauderdale enabled GAT’s growth, from a diverse talent pool to an increasing number of international airlines flying into Fort Lauderdale, and GAT’s plans for the future.


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