How Congress plans to fit Alaska into health care reform

Lawmakers return to Washington after nearly a month off, faced with a busy agenda.
One of the major topics will be health care.
The congressional debates over health care have crippled Congress for much of 2017, and many Alaskans have expressed discontent with the process.

“They’ve been trying to come up with solutions and now it’s come to the point to where it might end up costing the citizens a lot more.”

For Anchorage’s Marvin Williams, he wants his lawmakers to come together to help the American people.
As lawmakers return from August recess, Williams says it’s time to find an amicable way to save American health care.

“I don’t want to see our country go down over health care or our citizens end up paying a bunch more.”

Like Williams, Bruce Richter is upset with how lawmakers have gone about trying to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.
Richter says he’s worried about rising health care costs, and feels lawmakers haven’t disclosed what the plan is to address the issue.

“It’s very disingenuous of Republicans to say that they have a replacement but it’s secret and not tell anybody what the details of that are.”

“Pivoting from repeal and replace, the Senate now has to decide whether to stabilize the Affordable Care Act before premiums skyrocket and insurers leave marketplaces. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski says action is imperative to help her constituents.”

“We have to do something in the near term to stabilize individual markets.”

A Senate Committee held a bipartisan hearing to discuss maintaining federal funding for individuals in the marketplace and to encourage insurer participation.
Murkowski says these types of hearings should’ve been a staple of the Obamacare repeal and replace effort.

“The interest in doing it in a bipartisan, open process way. This is a world apart from where we were at the end of July.”

There are three more health care related hearings on the calendar over the next two weeks.


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