High-end aircraft engine products unveiled at aviation expo 2017

The QD70 gas turbine, a high-end product developed by China’s leading aircraft engine manufacturer, was unveiled to the public at an ongoing aviation expo that kicked off on Tuesday, showcasing China’s breakthrough in integrated military and civilian development.

It was one of the high-end products displayed by the Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC) at the Aviation Expo China 2017 held in Beijing, with exhibits covering aircraft engines, gas turbines, graphene material and high precision aluminum alloy technologies that fill in the industry blanks.

The gas turbine and 100KW small-sized gas turbine, another exhibit, are both small, start up quickly, and are easy to operate and maintain. They can operate on a variety of fuels for multiple uses, including military-civilian joint response or an island’s power supply system, among others.

The WZ16, a turboshaft engine jointly developed by the company and French aviation giant Safran, was also displayed. The WZ16 can be fitted to a seven-to-eight tonne helicopter, or 13-tonne triple-engine helicopter.

So far, the aero-engine manufacturer has set over 40 research directions for creative use of graphene, developed a series of new graphene material, and used the achievements to verify and examine aeronautic and national defense equipment.

As a host of the expo, the AECC pledged to make full use of the platform to enhance communication and deepen cooperation with its new and old partners, so as to push forward the country’s development and manufacturing of aircraft engines, said Chen Shaoyang, vice president of the producer.



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