Health Experts Outline Ways to Provide Better Care for Lesbians

Lesbians are more likely to seek health care if they are in an accepting healthcare environment, a new opinion paper argues.

“Clinicians who have an understanding of lesbian women and their unique stressors, who provide a welcoming and inclusive environment, and who provide cross-cultural care are well positioned to reduce healthcare stigma and improve clinical outcomes,” Drs. Jordan E. Rullo and Stephanie S. Faubion of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, write in Menopause, in an essay focusing on lesbians in middle age.

The authors note that LGBTQ people have health and sexual relationship patterns like those in the general population but “have higher rates of substance use, psychological disorders, and suicide attempts than their heterosexual counterparts.”

Yan Ling Zhong, Jen Brodeur

File Photo: A mammographer prepares a patient for a digital mammogram in 2010.