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Once upon a time, a sick person would get someone to fetch the doctor who would come to the house, do an examination and give you some medicine or treatment. You would pay the doctor if you had money. If not, maybe you’d give the doctor a chicken or whatever you could afford. And sometimes after the doctor’s ministrations you’d get better. But more often you wouldn’t.

Those days are long gone. Now medicine is light years ahead of the horse-and-buggy country doctor era. Modern medicine has an enormous arsenal of weapons to combat every ailment imaginable..from tumors to erectile dysfunction. Today, people who get sick expect to get better. But these amazing medical advancements come with a side-effect… astronomically high costs, micro- specialized doctors who treat the illness but not the patient, batteries of lab tests, and a tangled, mangled insurance bureaucracy.

What would it take to fix our broken health care system? FOX’s Jessica Rosenthal talked to stake-holders in the health care debate. She finds plenty ideas, and plenty of blame.

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