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Health care approach ridiculous | Letters to the Editor

Health care approach ridiculous | Letters to the Editor | billingsgazette.com

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I am disgusted and very annoyed by our politicians in Washington, D.C., over their machinations regarding Health Care. Now that both houses of Congress have gone over the ACA healthcare situation, you would think: that 535 members (both houses) would be able to come up with something acceptable to replace Obamacare. Don’t hold your breath! The members of the two political parties are not talking to each other. It appears their strategy is for each party to destroy the other, regardless of the wishes of the citizens. Citizens be damned! Who cares about them!

Therefore, in order to speed things along, I am proposing the following healthcare program:

1. All citizens, at no cost to them, shall receive the same healthcare that members of Congress, Cabinet members, and other high-level government employees receive.

2. Lawbreakers and other miscreants will not be eligible.

3. Residents of sanctuary cities will not be eligible.

4. Income tax payers and others complying with U.S. income tax regulations may receive benefits.

Under this plan, costs of health insurance premiums would be of no concern. This could be the basis for a “starter program!” (Nancy Pelosi, stay out of this!)

Is this ridiculous? Of course it is! But I hope it may open citizens’ eyes!

“Nihil bastardo carborundum!”

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