Hates health care status quo

Jay Fleitman helped me recognize a lie that Republicans have propagated throughout the debate on health care. Republicans claim that the majority of Americans hate Obamacare and blame it for the mess of a health care system we live with. This is a lie, an untruth, a misdirection if you will.

Americans hate our health care system, this is true. We hate the increasing premium prices. We hate the increasing deductible prices (what a scam they are). We hate paying more and more for less and less. In other words, we hate the status quo.

However, this does not mean we hate Obamacare specifically. Most of us don’t really have a clue of what the Affordable Care Act really is and how it changed things back in 2010. Most of us should remember how unhappy we were with the mess of a health care system before Obamacare. Heck, that’s why the ACA passed in the first place: because Americans hated the status quo in 2008.

But what exactly is Obamacare vs not Obamacare? Most of us don’t know. What we do know is we want affordable health care that stays affordable. We want to go to the doctor’s office for free. We want to get our prescriptions for $10 or less. We want to go to the emergency room without getting billed for it, or for the ambulance. We want to know we will be tended to when we are ill or injured and do not want such an event to devastate our finances. We Americans want a good health care system.

So don’t get caught up in the lie that we hate Obamacare and therefore any alternative would be better. What we hate is the status quo and that can be changed for the better or made much, much worse depending on what replaces it. The Republicans did not offer Americans a good health care system, and that is why most Americans did not support Trumpcare.

Peter Flynn



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