Great Planes Air Expo set Wednesday at Brainerd airport

A variety of general aviation experts will be on hand, including the representatives of aircraft manufacturers, new aircraft dealers, aircraft financing and more. The expo features aircraft from a large and diverse selection of general aviation manufacturers, such as Cirrus, Pilatus, Beechcraft, Cessna, Quest Kodiak, Wings, Insurance, NAFCO Finance and Angel Flight.

The Great Planes Air Expo focuses primarily on light business jets, turboprops and piston aircraft utilized by both businesses and individuals to fly to over 5,000 airports around the country. KCAC Aviation will represent Pilatus aircraft.

Nearly 75 percent of takeoffs and landings at U.S. airports are conducted by general aviation aircraft, and the majority take place at airports commercial airlines cannot access. In addition to numerous tax benefits and insurance considerations, private aviation provides business travelers with reduced travel times and increased work efficiency, KCAC reported.

Presenting the Great Planes Air Expo is just one way KCAC Aviation continues to educate business travelers on the benefits of owning a private aircraft.


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