Global Die Quench Door Beam Market Size Projected to Rise Lucratively during 2017 – 2025 |

Die Quench Door Beam Market: Overview

A beam is a sturdy and long piece of metal or timber that is used to support the floor or the roof of a building or an automobile. Quenching takes place in the press hardening process. When the part of the work piece that is being quenched, achieves its desired strength, it becomes hard. This is ensured by quenching. Quenching helps the work piece to achieve its desired material properties by rapidly cooling it. Metal can be moulded or cut into a particular shape with the help of a device called die. A die quench door beam is a type of beam used to support floors and roofs of buildings or automobiles, and that is manufactured by the die quenching process. Die quench door beams are increasingly replacing the older versions of door beams that were used in the automobiles earlier. With new government policies regarding light weight automobiles and growing concern regarding safety, die quench door beams are gradually replacing traditional door beams.

Die Quench Door Beam Market: Drivers and Restraints

The need for reduction in the levels of Carbon dioxide emissions, improvement in the characteristics of fuel consumption and improvement in methods to ensure collision safety points at one smart solution that is decreasing the weight of automobile bodies. Growing awareness among people regarding these issues is likely to push the demand for the die quench door beam. This is because die quench door beams are a safer alternatives to the traditional door beams used in the automobiles. Owing to their light weight and low cost die quench door beam market is expected to grow at a high CAGR. Technological advancements, awareness of consumers regarding vehicle security features and vehicle security regulations are other likely factors that may drive the growth of Die Quench Door Beam Market. Side impact crashes usually prove to be very dangerous and cause a lot of damage. This is due to the unavailability of unavailability of space for large deformation that can protect the person sitting on the seat. The increasing number of side impact crashes are the reason why automobile manufacturers are now preferring die quench door beams in place of traditional door beams. The vehicle standards that are being followed presently require driver as well as passenger doors to resist the crash force. So automobile manufacturers reinforce these car doors with die quench door beams that can resist the crash force and hence ensure high levels of safety for the occupant sitting on the seat. This factor is likely to drive the growth of Die Quench Door Beam Market.

Die Quench Door Beam Market: Market Segmentation

Die Quench Door Beam Market is segmented into three types on the basis of application type, product type, and region. Based on the application type, Die Quench Door Beam Market is segmented into: Rear door, Front door. Based on the product type, Die Quench Door Beam Market is segmented into: Aluminium Car Side Beam, Plastic Car Side Beam, Steel Car Side Beam. Based on the region type, Die Quench Door Beam Market is segmented into: India, North America, Southeast Asia, China, Japan, Europe.

Die Quench Door Beam Market: Regional Outlook

In the automobile sector, Asia Pacific region is expected to see a growth in the Die Quench Door Beam Market at a high CAGR. The reason behind this is that the Asia-Pacific region is the hub for the production of passenger cars and electric automobiles. This is growth is also attributed to the potential and growth of the Chinese vehicle market. High sales of automobiles in the China as well as United States region is likely to boost the demand for Die Quench Door Beam in these regions. Also, owing to high demand and significant vehicle production in China, China is estimated to show significant growth trends in the Automotive Relay Market. North America is also expected to see a growth in the Die Quench Door Beam Market. This growth is attributed to the huge production of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) in this region.


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