Geraldo Rivera: Tax Reform Fight Will Be Just Like Health Care

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Geraldo Rivera predicted that the congressional fight over tax reform will be just as messy as the health care debate.

The Senate version of the health care bill failed to get the green light again Thursday night when three GOP senators voted no on what was dubbed a “skinny repeal” of Obamacare. Republicans’ path forward on health care is once again unclear.

“You have to give guidance to the Senate,” Rivera told “Fox & Friends” Saturday. “The Senate is a bunch of people who all want to be president … they have an arrogance about them and they go a hundred different ways, literally.”

“Tax reform is going to be just like health care,” he continued. “There’s going to be a thousand different agendas.”

Rivera noted that the budget still needs to be balanced and suggested cutting Viagra for the military as well as some of the “sacred cows” of spending backed by the Left.

“It is another morass,” Rivera said of tax reform. “It is another exercise in sound and fury signifying nothing.”

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9-Year-Old Gets Answer to His Letter to Trump

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