Geneva Airport partners on renewable jet fuel

Switzerland’s Geneva Airport is planning to introduce renewable jet fuel for aircraft operations, targeting at least 1% of annual jet fuel consumption from late 2018.

The project is a collaborative effort between Finland-based refinery Neste and is the culmination of a 15-month partnership between Geneva Airport, International energy NGO Carbon War Room (CWR) and partner SkyNRG, which developed an Airport Approach model to help airports play a more active role in accelerating the uptake of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“These efforts are critical as the industry continues to grow in a world where we must limit temperature rise to well below 2 degrees,” Rocky Mountain Institute-Carbon War Room CEO Jules Kortenhorst said.

“Now it is up to the locally established fuel companies to integrate renewable jet fuel into their supply chains in the most sustainable and cost-effective way,” SkyNRG CFO Theye Veen said.

The model, which was first developed by the partners in 2015, engages airports as key stakeholders in the future of SAF. The model introduces an airport-wide SAF blend utilizing existing fueling infrastructure, making SAF standard for all flights refueling at the airport.

Linda Blachly


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