GE Aviation launches new flight data app

A screenshot of GE Aviation’s digital product. (GE Aviation)

Pilots will be able to access their individual flight data with a few easy swipes thanks to GE Aviation’s new app developed in partnership with Qantas.

The FlightPulse app, “uses recorded aircraft data and smart analytics to enable pilots to securely access their individual operational efficiency metrics and trends”, GE Aviation said in a statement on Thursday (US time).

Being an app, it offers pilots the ability to access the data anywhere in the world and at any time, allowing pilots to more easily track their flight’s performance in terms of fuel efficiency. It was hoped this would lead to more efficient operations to help save fuel and reduce carbon emissions.

“FlightPulse was designed by pilots for pilots. As a result, the information accessible on this platform helps them understand the operational efficiency of their flight,” Qantas head of fleet operations Captain Mike Galvin said.

“It provides pilots with flight data in a very visual way, allowing them to see first hand the amount of fuel used at different stages of a flight and how they can help to reduce carbon emissions.”

Captain Galvin said the data available on FlightPulse was only previously available in aggregate or used by analysts.

GE Aviation vice president and chief digital officer John Mansfield said this latest collaboration with Qantas was part of a long-standing partnership between the company and Australian flag carrier.

“Qantas is a great example of Australian innovation at its best, constantly at the forefront of finding better ways to enhance their operations,” Mansfield said.

“Through close collaboration, we were able to develop a solution for the industry that connects pilots with individualised operational efficiency data for the first time.”

GE Aviation published a video of the FlightPulse product on its YouTube channel.


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