Galadari Automobiles opens first happiness counter

Besides serving as a new platform to address customers’ issues immediately, it will also raise awareness of their rights as consumers in the country.

Galadari Automobiles launched its first happiness counter in its Al Quoz branch on Sunday. An in-house service desk is now active to assist concerns and complaints, and take positive feedback from Galadari Automobile consumers round the clock. ” 

Axel Dreyer, general manager at Galadari Automobiles, Ahmad Mohammed Sharif Al Awadhi, director; and Abdullatif Mohamed Al Marzooqi, senior manager; both within the customer protection division at the Dubai Economy, jointly inaugurated the happiness counter. AlAwadhi and Al Marzooqi said that they receive approximately 300 calls – both good and bad – from consumers per day from the already existing happiness centres. They added that the aim is to reduce this as much as possible, to bring a sense of ease to customers when purchasing goods within Dubai.

Dreyer highlighted that “when you give a customer a first point of call for contact, you are giving them the right to speak up and communicate. When people feel they have a voice and someone is listening, the customers feel happier. At Galadari, we have an in-house desk in our Al Quoz branch as well as a call centre number that is free, 800 – Mazda. 

“If the customers query cannot be resolved by a member of the team in the customer relationship department, the query will then be sent to the division head, then the general manager of that location and even Dubai Economy. We want to feel there is always a solution for the customer.”

Sudheer Kallayil, national service manager at Galadari Automobiles, said: “It gives us the time to solve customer’s problems immediately before they escalate. This way, there is a chance to keep standards high and meet customer’s expectations every time. We want them to come back because they are happy!” 

Rajeev Mavila, service manager at Al Quoz branch, said he is happy that there is a customer interface, a service section that has been made into a priority. 

He said: “Customer feedback is key not just for the customers but also for business. Listening to customers both good and bad helps us to understand the customer’s needs and in turn grow better as a business, helping our consumer’s grow happier each day.” 

The Dubai Economy, formerly called Dubai Economic Department (DED), have set up a specified training for all the 20 happiness centres to set a standardisation of quality through a happiness initiative. Galadari Automobiles has already attended a number such structured training sessions for their consumers.


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