FHWA Seeks Comment on Definition of Automobile Transporter

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FHWA 15-17

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Contact: Nancy Singer

Tel.: (202) 366-0660

FHWA Seeks Comment on Definition of Automobile Transporter. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking the public’s comment on revising the definition of the automobile transporter to reduce regulatory burdens on the industry. Typically defined as specialized equipment designed and used for the transport of cars, automobile transporters under existing guidance must be capable of carrying the cars as cargo on the truck tractor itself. The agency is asking for comments on the potential inclusion of a non-cargo-carrying, tractor-high mount trailer combination as part of the definition of an automobile transporter. Expanding the definition would eliminate standard length restrictions for this class of carriers so they can transport additional vehicles, allowing them to operate more efficiently. See Federal Register Request for Comment FHWA-2017-0030. The comment period ends on October 16, 2017. Contact: Nancy Singer: (202) 366-4650.

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