The third annual Asia Biotech Invest conference was held in Hong Kong in 2014 May. There was tremendous scope for collaboration and excitement over new opportunities on the horizon. There were attendees from 160 companies in the two day conference and exhibition representing the life science community.

There were latest biotech investment strategies and markets from the world’s best biotech innovators, their future plans and new business partnerships from Asia’s best life science, researchers, investors and professionals.

Two areas of digital health and medical device investment are also gaining increasing popularity. There has been steep progress in China’s healthcare investment landscape, biotech partnering and collaboration models in Asia as well as other countries. Other countries of Asia are also harnessing their resources for advancement in biotechnology. Countries have many projects in pipeline with investment coming in.

The biotechnology community in Asia has seen impressive and significant growth in the recent past. The Asian biotech industries have been successful in the world global biopharmaceutical market. There has been increase in Asia’s high life science standards in terms of quality. Asia has setup itself as the biggest force in the biotech globally and is set to remain so in the future. It has been able to do so because of its dedication to innovation and research.