The airline business has been telling for many years that the international airline industry focus will shift eastwards, something which did happen first half of the year with Dubai airport replacing London’s Heathrow Airport as the most important airdrome in the world. Dubai attracted highest number of commuters this year. As other airport depend on domestic traffic and have little scope of expansion, Dubai will see its position unchallenged for the next ten years.

Asia is the largest geographical area which has created huge scope for its airlines. The industry sees the future lying in Asia which is making it the busiest and a future destination. It is seeing an increasing number of Asian nations planning to meet the increasing demand. With sector lengths stretching up to seven hours and 3,000 miles, nations are trying increasingly to meet the aviation demands.

For sectors with big opportunities, there seems to be lots of market opportunities for new aircrafts, with airlines replacing the older ones. This includes the advanced, latest and next-generation aircrafts like the B787. There has been rapid expansion of services in the past two years in different regions of Asia.