Thailand is a ‘land of opportunities’ with lots of fortunes waiting to be made. One of the primary sectors for making money is the real estate sector in the country. Unlike many developed countries, Thailand’s GDP has increased significantly in recent times. It is more important because of increase in one year. Thailand’s regular growth rate ranges between 5-7%. The graph of growth between 1997 and 2008 looks to be getting steeper which means people are getting richer quickly.

Although, some say that Bangkok’s property bubble will burst soon, the sheer number of condos, hotels and apartments that are being built clearly defies them. In fact, property prices in Bangkok’s city centre have more than doubled in the last 6 to 8 years.

In central Sukhumvit between Asoke-Thonglor the price has risen from 50 000 Baht/sqm in the year 2005 to 110-120 000/sqm approximately for a good quality condo. It is being realized in the political quarters that a bigger market with more freedom to move capital, labour and goods and services will be in the interest of Thailand, with Bangkok being the biggest beneficiary city. In fact, there is a huge inflow of foreign capital from the region into Thailand and Bangkok which will boost property prices. The city’s infrastructure is great in the region and is continuously getting better.

Coming to metro systems, it comes next only to Singapore in the entire South east Asian region, even leaving behind Kuala Lumpar. Travelling by metro, you can see huge infrastructural development going on between Bang Son, Talingchan or Kae Rai.

Larger populations will need more and better accommodation which will increase because of fast increase in Thai wealth in terms of real estate and other spheres of growth. This vast spread of shopping malls and commercial infrastructures is turning Bangkok into the shopping centre of SE Asia. Earlier, there were only Hong Kong and Singapore to go shopping, but things are changing fast in SE Asia because of Bangkok. Millions from Laos, Burma, China and India are already rushing to the city for shopping.

You can reach out to the beaches or a national park away from the city within a few hours and be in a totally different environment, above all, inexpensively.