Malaysia is one of the most attractive investments destinations in the world. Investors flock this country to invest in property, stock market, industries, and other sectors. It is popular as the best supplier of rubber and palm oil etc. It offers many unique advantages for investors compared to other Asian countries.

Majority of banks in Malaysia were not affected by the 2008’s global credit crisis, although it hit many banks the world over. Those affected were able to recover from the crisis quickly and easily which proves its relatively stable economy. Beyond the crisis, Malaysia made a number of regulations for preventing the capital flow through it. They require that the money invested in Malaysia should stay invested for several years.

The biggest palm oil producer, it provides cheap oil to a number of countries. Palm oil is a cheaper alternative for vegetable and sunflower oil. The country is full of palm plantations which support its economy.

The other most important resources of Malaysia are natural gas and crude oil and this makes it a main global exporter of crude oil. As the price of crude oil varies and increases, it is another attraction for investment in Malaysia.

Moreover, the government announces a number of economic liberalization measures across sectors which allow investors to come and invest in business-friendly environment. It is estimated that investment rate in Malaysia will increase in a big way in the next 5 years.

The country is known for its political stability which is preferred by investors for long-term investment. Its abundance of natural wealth such as agricultural land and forestry and minerals make it a lucrative destination as they are potentially commodity resources.

Another advantage of Malaysia is its low corruption rate which is better than many other Asian countries. It is an important factor as it is considered by economic experts to be the most dangerous thing for the investment.