Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers all that makes for a great investment opportunity. It is a dynamic city with strong, long term growth prospects, opens doors to a number of opportunities in Mainland China, and is a platform for expansion all over the Asia-Pacific region.

This stable, business-friendly cosmopolitan, has all the benefits that a commercial city has to offer. Hong Kong is the top business city in Asia with the latest infrastructure and other facilities. The city has emerged as the global headquarters of many companies and regional offices of multinationals.

It provides ideal platform for companies looking to get global. It has huge pool of skilled and trained manpower in areas of technical expertise as well as those with business outlook.

It is definitely become one of the centres of capitalism since its independence and has caught the attention of international investors in a big way. Its policy of low taxes and free trade has placed it among the world’s top financial centres. The stock exchange of Hong Kong ranks seventh largest in the world today.

It is also a centre of corporate headquarters in the region. Moreover, about 8 per cent of its population have net worth more than one million US dollar. It is estimated that by 2050, the city will be world’s second largest economy in terms of per capita GDP.