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The European Peoples’ Party (EPP) are concerned with the state of negotiations with the UK government. Unsure of whether the UK will opt for a so-called ‘hard brexit’ MEPs are factoring it into the discussions on the inclusion of aviation in the Emission Trading System (ETS). The EPP say that it is necessary to take precautionary action.

“Allowances given to UK companies for free should not be valid in the EU ETS if those companies have no more obligations under the ETS”, said Peter Liese MEP, EPP Group Spokesman on Environment.

Liese is convinced that in the case of a failure of the Brexit negotiations, British industry should not have an undue advantage and European competitors should not have an undue disadvantage. His amendment would prepare the EU should the UK opt for a hard Brexit.

“I very much hope that in the end, the United Kingdom will continue to stay in the ETS. In fact, the British government, British MEPs and British businesses have always been strong supporters of the ETS. That’s why I would find it ridiculous if the UK leaves the ETS after Brexit. However, unfortunately, it cannot be excluded that many of the responsible people in the British government obviously have unrealistic assumptions concerning the possible deal. This is why we have to prepare for a hard Brexit.”


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