EMotion: the electric automobile according to Henrik Fisker, take 2

Before Tesla, there was Fisker Automotive. In 2007, Henrik Fisker’s bankruptcy project was to sell a plug-in hybrid Karma coupe, and to be at the forefront of the electric four-wheel revolution. Ten years and a car debacle later, the Danish designer doubles up putting into unveiling the Fisker EMotion, which wants to save the planet and prove that “it can be both beautiful and exciting”.

Fisker Automotive is an incredible adventure that lasted six years. Six years of financial, industrial and commercial hardship: the production of a winding and complex car has been dropped, and even though there have been some sales over the years, a product assembled Fast and highly questionable reliability quickly undermined the reputation of the brand.

Especially as during this time, another industrialist was also making his place in the still emerging industry of electric vehicles. A certain Elon Musk was marketing a Roadster, then an all-electric sedan that are now well known to car and technology enthusiasts.

These two stories are the antithesis, but this is only the first chapter of an adventure that will extend from 2019, when Fisker Inc., the new company of this former designer of the Ford Motor Company, will market a sedan All electrical called EMotion (including both uppercase letters). At an anticipated retail price of $ 129,900 ($ 161,000 CDN), this four-wheel-drive sedan promises a range of more than 640 km, a top speed of 260 km / h and, most importantly, an accelerated Its batteries.

9 minutes: Fisker promises that we can recover 200 km of autonomy in only 9 minutes.

All-inclusive maintenance

Naturally, the sedan, whose first sketches can be seen on the manufacturer’s website, will be entitled to the latest batch of gadgets and technologies that will enable it to be the latest in intelligent transport. It will be equipped with LIDAR, radars using ambient light to determine the positioning of objects in the vicinity, in order to offer autonomous driving comparable to what is currently done in the market of luxury cars.

Above all, it will constantly connect to wireless networks in order to monitor its state of health live to technicians trained precisely to take the greatest care. Conversely, the driver will be kept informed of the location of service points and charging stations, which will allow him to fully enjoy his new high-end toy.

Having learned from his past experiences, as he confirms himself, Henrik Fisker does not take any risk, this time.

“This will be the first experience of maintenance and service of its kind in the world. We intend to carry the load to fill the lack of knowledge in the maintenance of electric vehicles. ”

In order to reassure potential buyers, Fisker will also offer free inspections throughout the continent. Will it be enough to convince people considering the purchase, in two to three years, of an all-electric luxury car signed by Tesla, Volvo or even Porsche, to opt instead for a Fisker?

It will soon be known that the EMotion sedan should be formally unveiled to the general public during the month of August, with a pre-order program that will allow you to find out more about the interest of luxury car enthusiasts.

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