Effected by Ordinary Wage Ruling: Union of Renault Samsung Motor Rejects Tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement

According to the automobile industry on September 1, the Renault Samsung Labor Union voted down a tentative collective bargaining agreement with 53% opposition at its Busan Factory on the same day. Renault Samsung’s union plans to discuss additional future negotiation schedules on September 4. In the automobile industry, it is said that Kia Motors’ normal wage lawsuit affected the Renault Samsung Labor Union’s rejection.

Earlier the labor union passed a strike with the approval of union members at the beginning of August, but did not actually go on a strike. The labor-management relationship was not bad such as hammering out a provisional agreement with no dispute for three consecutive years.

However, there is an analysis in the automobile industry that Renault Samsung Labor Union’s rejection stemmed from the results of Kia Motors’ normal wage lawsuit. The Renault Samsung labor and management agreed not to include regular bonuses in normal wages in 2015.

It is said that a forecast that winning the normal wage case on August 31 will give much better treatment to members of the Kia Motors Labor Union led members of the Renault Samsung Labor Union to think that they also deserve to receive much better treatment. “Even now, members of the Kia Motors Labor Union are better treated than members of Renault Samsung’s. Members of the Renault Samsung Labor Union became dissatisfied about the fact that the normal wage lawsuit will bring better treatment to members of the Kia Motors Labor Union in the future. Their dissatisfaction play a role,” a representative of the automobile industry. “Reaching the tentative agreement was harder than usual so it is expected that it will be difficult to make progress in the future.”




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