Dynali Helicopter H3 To Begin Shipping to U.S.

The first Dynali Helicopter H3 EasyFlyer shippedto the U.S. in mid-June. The Belgian manufacturer recently delivered the 50th two-place H3 to a French flight school. The $124,000 (base price) H3, which cruises at 70 to 75 knots, is available with a choice of Rotax 912 or 914 engine delivering between 100 to 115 hp.

The version being imported into the U.S. by Dynali’s authorized distributor, Cincinnati-based Hangar 36, will retail for $129,700 and feature the turbocharged Rotax 914 engine and includes aviation lights, but no radio, transponder or GPS. While the H3 is certified under the UL category in France and Spain and undergoing compliance in Germany, for now it will be sold as a kit under the experimental category in the U.S.

The U.S. distributor is providing a two-week builder assist program and a five-hour checkout in the H3 that is included in the purchase price. Hangar 36 president Jay Johnston said the H3 will be sold only to already licensed helicopter pilots and only with the 914 engine in the U.S. to enable it to accommodate a useful load of 470 pounds plus full fuel (60 liters), for an endurance of 2.5 hours.

Johnston said the H3‘s sensitive flying characteristics are similar to those of a Robinson R22 and that the cabin “has a lot of space in it.”


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