Disappointed in Sen. Cory Gardner and his votes on health care (2 letters)

Daniel Brenner, Special to The Denver Post

Atlantis ADAPT and Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition members and supporters speak in front of a cardboard cutout of Sen. Cory Gardner during a July 27 protest in Denver.

Re: “Cory Gardner faces questions about health care — and his votes to unwind Obamacare — in telephone town hall with 6,000,” Aug. 2 news story.

I have had many reservations about Cory Gardner becoming one of our senators. I had hoped during the past two years he would become a more responsible and moderate voice for Colorado. Sadly, Gardner has shown that he is not capable or willing of representing his constituents. Rather, he panders and continues to support the radical right agenda of the Trump administration while refusing to meet or address his many concerned constituents. Gardner’s most recent vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement was just another partisan and disgraceful act that would have deprived affordable health care to our most vulnerable citizens.

I hope Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is term limited, seriously considers challenging Gardner if he chooses to run again. We need a person of stature, such as Hickenlooper, to represent the concerned views of all Coloradans and not just those of the radical right. Colorado cannot afford another Cory Gardner term.

Tom Mellish, Aurora

Sen. Cory Gardner has cast multiple votes against the interests of his constituents. Clearly, he either did not understand our “frustration and disappointment” or is putting on his usual disingenuous act for the benefit of the press.

If he cared about the damage to health care, he would not have voted three times on bills to make it worse in our state, taking care away from thousands and raising premiums for the rest of us. If he meant what he said in his so-called town hall, he would have, instead, worked on a bill to address the rising costs to us all, not just those now covered by the Affordable Care Act. And he would have worked to expand Medicare, not cripple it to give billions in tax breaks to billionaires.

Our junior senator is not doing right by us, and he should be held accountable.

Lyn Lowry, Longmont

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