Digital health is dead, says this health-tech investor Rob Coppedge

If digital health is dead, then what? I am hopeful that my venture capital and investment banking colleagues will not rush to replace it with yet another buzzword. Without question, buzzwords help us sell companies – but they certainly don’t help us build, run and sustainably grow them. Instead, we need to get real, going deep to build the connections between new technologies and the legacy health care enterprises consumers work with daily and entrust with their care and finances. Disruption is sexy, but given the complexities of the market, cooperation is more likely to move the needle for transforming health care.

Most of all, I hope that entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and others drawn to health care by the allure of digital health stay in the industry. While the promise of easy, near-term transformation may have been unfulfilled, the experience you have gained is invaluable. As veterans of this hype cycle, you are well positioned to make a big impact as this work moves forward. From a social and economic perspective, it will be some of the most important work any of us can do over the next 25 years. We need you with us. No matter what hashtag we use.


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