Denroy copes with aviation demand with Engel Duo 900 IMM

Denroy Plastics in Bangor, Co Down produces precision injection mouldings for a broad spectrum of business sectors. The company has experience in processing a diverse range of polymers, from commonly used commodity grades to high engineering grades of PEEK and PPS used in the aerospace industry.

John Irwin, General Manager, has planned an investment in Engel technology as customer forecasts herald a period of growth to 2019.

Irwin said: “We are looking to create collaborative relationships with suppliers in contrast to transactional connections, in order to fulfil our future plans. We have found Engel to be ideal in this respect.”

Currently, Denroy has 37 injection moulding machines. Its latest acquisition is an Engel duo 900 tonne machine, which is Denroy’s largest in terms of clamp force. It bought the machine to cope with demand from aerospace clients for larger components, moulded from materials such as PEEK and other high end polymers. Irwin said: “The choice of Engel as a partner is in no small part due to their obvious position in the forefront of technological advances in injection moulding. Engel are well known for their ability to work in partnership with customers moulding in the automotive industry and there is a definite cross-over into the aerospace industry. Particularly, in terms of light weighting and providing high volume, repeatable products.”

Denroy Plastics were among the considerable number of moulders who attended the Composites for High Volume Applications Open Event at Engel UK in April of this year. Irwin added: “Listening to the major speakers at this event, certainly ratified our strategic plan and confirmed to us that we are on the right lines with how we intend to move forward.”


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