Denel show youngsters career options in aviation

Parents brought children to the Denel Technical Academy to learn about aviation.

HUNDREDS of local young people showed an interest in aviation and engineering at Denel Technical Academy on August 19.

The academy welcomed aspiring engineers and technicians to its youth grooming grounds on Atlas Road in Bonaero Park so they could ask and salvage as much information needed to make career decisions.

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Denel invited industry leaders from various aviation, mechanical and engineering trade operations to discuss how youngsters could become an apprentice or quality artisan.

Various companies were given the opportunity to give feedback on what the industry is looking for while the youth had the opportunity to tour the academy’s facility. They were also informed how previously disadvantaged but achieving students could be sponsored.

Youths are encouraged to pursue their interest in aviation.

Youngsters walked from one big hall to another to learn about machines that shape, produce and design some of the most important and complicated components of an aircraft.

Denel encourages youngsters to follow careers that are in demand in South Africa. These include being an aircraft electrician, aircraft instrument mechanic, aircraft mechanic, aircraft structural worker, electricians, fitter and turner, millwright, tool and jig-maker, turner and machinist, or a welder.

Parent Matthew Malaza said, “The institution offers the kind of technical training the country needs right now and he would definitely support his sons if they would decide to pursue any of these careers.

Youngster David Nkosi said, “I learned a lot today and I will apply for a career in aviation. This is the type of information we are not exposed to, so the open day opened my eyes to a lot of careers most young people do not know about.”

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